Procedure Concrete mixer steps and precautions:

1, the function column on the switch, dial to "Auto" position, press the start switch on the controller, the entire program will run automatically self-control operation. 2, the entire process is completed automatically stop running, and if half-way down the run the project, you can press the stop button and then restart. 3, press the start button, the display starts to jdc750 cement mixer in china display the time, slow, sand, fast, stop, fast, on time running lights flashing. 4, automatic control, manual function switch must be appropriated all stop position. Operating items: 1, with the gap measuring gauge detects the blade and the pot wall should be 3mm ± 2mm, if the ultra-poor gap, you can adjust the vertical position of the blade to achieve a predetermined range. 2, stirring blades after each use, the pot should be cleaned, electrical parts should avoid strenuous vibration, away from water and high temperature, pay attention to dust. I know to use the mixer, in order to better improve engineering productivity.


1, concrete mixer should be set at a flat position, with square wooden paving around the axle, tire put high overhead, avoid walking in motion occurs. 2, concrete mixer should impose secondary leakage protection, after the power is turned on before work must be carefully examined by the turn that the empty test qualified before use. Commissioning tests should mix drum speed is appropriate, under normal circumstances, the proportion of empty vehicle speed (after charging) slightly faster 2 to 3 revolutions, such as a difference of more, the ratio should be adjusted to move the wheel and drive wheel. 3, the direction of rotation of the mixing drum should be consistent with direction of the arrow, as inconsistent with reality, should be corrected electrical wiring. 4. Check the drive clutch and brake is flexible and reliable, wire rope for damage, pulley track is good, there is accessibility and other parts of the lubrication and so on around. 5, boot, always pay attention to the various components of the concrete mixer operation is normal. Shutdown, always check the concrete mixer blade is bent, whether it has knocked out or loose screws. 6, when the concrete mixing is completed or is expected to stop more than 1h, in addition to the more than expected out of the net, the application of gravel and water into the tube shaking, rotating power to stick portable mini cement mixer for sale to the barrel of the mortar discharged completely clean after flushing. You may not have water in the barrel, in order to avoid the barrel and leaf rust. It should also clean the mixing tube outer fouling, clean and in good mechanical retention. 7, do not stop after work and should wind up its power, and lock the switch box to ensure safety.

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