We announced it will invest 4000000 euros to the SUAL powder metallurgy factory is located in a place. The factory will buy a Raymond mill, not only increased by 30%, and can produce ultra high quality aluminum powder. The powder can be used in the construction industry, especially for the production of autoclaved aerated concrete. The installation of new equipment is a part of the modernization of aluminum production projects, installation work is being carried out, 2014 is expected to be completed in January, and was put into operation in 2014 August. "And the introduction of aqueous aluminum slurry will enhance our competitiveness in the market," Rusal western division director Alexey Arnautov said: "the new classification Raymond mill not only improves the product quality and operation safety, and improve the capacity of new products, with a single granular powder in aerated concrete in terms of production capacity will reach 120 tons."